Of course everyone wants to have their own doctor. And it’s very clear why. You will receive qualified assistance at all times. Such doctors will be better able to diagnose and treat you because they are constantly watching you. He cares about your health and takes precautions. After all, he is a close and trustworthy person who you can say things you wouldn’t tell anyone.

Family medicine is an independent medical profession that began to actively develop around the world after the Second World War. Today no one has lost the opportunity to find their own family doctor. 

All you have to do is determine which one is more convenient and effective for you: visits to specialized specialists for health problems or regular monitoring by your family doctor.

First, general practitioners differ in the complexity of their approach. After being reviewed by five different specialists, there is a risk of receiving multiple recommendations and some of these recommendations can often be duplicated or even mutually exclusive. 

General practitioners have a clear understanding of the patient’s health and prescribe treatment, systematically reflect the principles of persuasive treatment and evaluate the effectiveness of recommendations based on scientifically approved data.

In this way, when the patient recovers, the risk of developing side effects to the patient’s health is minimal, and he recovers with optimal treatment, saving his strength and resources. Your family physician takes into consideration not just the physical, but also the psychological and social condition of the individual.

In addition, a general practitioner uses elements of psychotherapy, taking into account the influence of the accompanying factors on the course of the disease starting from the home environment, social conditions and behavioral stereotypes, and ending with emotional states. 

In this sense, family medicine is more humane because it is based on personal interactions between the family doctor and his patient.